Am I Getting Married?

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Did you know today was the most popular date to have a wedding in 2016? According to an unofficial Google search.


When I was younger I would save pictures for wedding inspirations. I wanted a big, flashy, summer wedding with a Cinderella princess dress, a diamond  ring, and our song would be “Flightless Bird American Mouth” by Iron and Wine or “1000 Years” by Christina Perri. Very cliche.


If I had a wedding now, it would be small, simple, and closer to fall weather. I would wear a flowy dress, preferably an environmentally friendly, colored ring, and song choices are: “Engagement Party” from La La Land, “Cold Cold Man” by Saint Motel, and “Pop Culture” by Madeon. I would like to incorporate a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony too!

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A Book Review: Brooklyn

Mr brother gave me this book for my birthday, and I finally finished reading it. I read off and on because most of my nights are spent on school and work. Its been a long time since I actually read something that is not academic related. One of my goals is to read more, and I’m reading The Glass Castle next!

Brooklyn is written by an Irish author, Colm Toibin. This book follows a young Irish girl who has the opportunity to go to America. Eilis leaves behind her family, mainly her mother and sister. Her father died when she was young, and her brothers already left to find jobs. Continue reading “A Book Review: Brooklyn”

Mothers, Women, Girls

Trigger Warning: There is a picture that might be offensive to some. I am not a man hating person, but I thought it was interesting art and portrayal of the current U.S. political atmosphere on healthcare. (I was at an art event).

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in the world! Whether you’re a mom or not a mom yet because you have the choice to become a mom one day. If you don’t want to be a mom, that’s cool too! Continue reading “Mothers, Women, Girls”

Little Life Updates #2: Busy Bee

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, especially seeing all these graduation pics. It’s been 2 years since my bachelor’s degree, and what a whirlwind of changes since then. ย  Continue reading “Little Life Updates #2: Busy Bee”

Happy Earth Day!

Nowadays I’m trying to be more socially-aware, and I’m taking little steps to minimize my impact on this beautiful planet! I also like to attend the Plant and Green Thumb Festival every year too! I ran into some friends, and bought some plants for my air terrarium. Continue reading “Happy Earth Day!”

Little Life Updates #1: Sleep More.

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A little continuous series on small updates, goals, and thoughts.

I’m about to finish my first year of grad school. ย The past few weeks have been stressful, but I’m still having fun interacting with other students whilst planning for the next year.

Am I losing sleep? Maybe, I have been sleeping a little later than usual. I set daily reminders to fix this behavior. I have a 12am alarm telling me to shut off my laptop and my 1am alarm for “lights out.” I didn’t go to bed until around 3am last night. I’m not out partying, but doing school stuff and taking long breaks in between with YouTube videos. Continue reading “Little Life Updates #1: Sleep More.”

Part 2: Panama In A Week – Singing and Exploring

Packing for Panama, Part 1: Panama In A Week – Medical Mission

This mission trip combined my education, love of traveling, and volunteering. I loved every moment of it from meeting new people, trying to improve my Spanish, and exploring with the group! One thing that I don’t love is that I’m currently sick since leaving Panama, and I have a cough that won’t go away!

I got lots of compliments on my ombre dress.

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