Quitting My Job

The Last Lunch

I’m just shy of working a full year, my last day of work would be a few days before meeting 11 months of full time work. I know, I was so close, and I cringe at how close I was to reaching a year. I worked at a medical office, and working here has changed my career outlook because of the somewhat dispassionate environment, lack of communication, and the inefficiencies of the daily tasks. At first, the beginning months, I had a hopeful gleam and twinkle in my eyes when I went to work. A few month later, I began looking tired, and in the recent weeks it was getting harder to get up, my motivation was waning, and I thought about quitting almost every hour. My goal was to work for a full year, but I couldn’t do it. I started to become too comfortable and complacent. I wasn’t being challenged, I felt my mind going dull, and it became boring. I also briefly lost sight of my academic and career goals. However, I’m grateful for the experience, opportunity, advice I’ve gotten, and the people I’ve met, but there was a switch in me that knew, “it’s time to peace out.” People dropped like flies at this office, but I’m going to soar. 

I tried to console myself by reading other people’s experience on quitting their jobs through the wonderfully intuitive and smart wit world of reddit. In the end, my heart wasn’t in this job, and I remain positive, but I want to love what I do. I am driven, but I want to be challenged, I want to be a part of something, I want to inspire goodness and happiness in the work environment, and put my energy and effort into doing something positive. I have come to realize that I hate the “9 to 5,” and I rather have a more fulfilling work that allows movement and creativity (even if it means less pay). Am I a millennial? #millennial.

Yep, I handed in my 2 weeks notice, and yesterday was my last day of work. I had an “exit outfit” planned, and made some plans with some friends because I never hang out with people anymore. I don’t want to bum myself out because I quit my job, but because this is an opportunity! I’ll miss some of my co-workers, and I hope all the students make it out, and that they dream bigger because they are so much more. I’m frantic and optimistic about my decision, but from the simple, wise words of my boyfriend, “it’s time to move on.” Now I wonder what’s next for me, but like my alarm clock says “Fake it ’til you make it.”

—In the next post, I’ll explain why I’m blogging again, my blogging history, and who inspired me to pick it up again.


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