Why am I Blogging Again?

I started blogging in high school, but it was a side hobby that featured fashion collections, #ootd (before there were hashtags became popular- I’m not that old), and it turned into an everyday journal in college. I was on blogger.com, and followed blogs like The Blushing Ambition, The Stylish Wanderer, and Jess Loves Fred. I was a budding “fashion blog.” Sometimes I would revisit blogs I used to follow in high school, and these were the blogs I used to live by and I tried to be like them. (First mistake, you see, “I tried to be like them,” but I was 16 at the time, and I was into following trends). A few years has passed since I was a sophomore in high school, and these fashion blogs I used to follow update less and less, and some blogs have been left unattended for months. My old blog was on blogger.com called Flowers and Teacups. In my blog, there were periods where I posted a lot and periods where I had writer’s block, and now it’s just remnants of my old self. I still love my previous blog, but some of my writing and pictures are embarrassing. My fashion choices were a little questionable, and my venting is a little immature.

PicMonkey Collage
Blogspot Memories

I stopped blogging on Flowers and Teacups because I was getting busy with school, I had writer’s block, and I couldn’t keep up with it anymore once I began working. Now that I’m blogging again, I chose not to pick up where I left off because I outgrew my blog and the space on it. I might as well start over while I’m starting a new phase in my life: my postgraduate life in the 20’s.

In my previous post: Quitting my Job, I explained about my job situation, and how I felt that my brain and mind was getting bored. I sat at a desk for 8 hours doing the same thing everyday, and the struggle to 4pm was real. I listened to music, audio of GRE vocabulary, language lessons, audiobooks, and podcasts- anything that kept me critically thinking. The podcasts I recommend are Revisionist History and Millennial. It was actually Millennial by Megan Tan that inspired me to blog again. I loved listening to her challenges of “adulting” and life in the 20’s. I was drawn to her podcast because I felt Megan’s thoughts and struggles are similar to my own, and I love how she keeps it in perspective and refreshing. I really admire her drive and initiative, and also how she made her passion for her “side hobby” work into a full time job she enjoys.

Listen to her podcast: Millennial

Like Megan, some people have podcasts, some have YouTube channels, and well, I’m a girl with a blog. For some reason there’s an enjoyment from blogging that I can’t explain, but I think it’s becauseย I’m good at articulating my thoughts into words. Despite my preference for writing, I love to talk! I’ve always strive to understand people, and I feel like I’m really good at reading people’s feelings, words, behavior, and writings that are said and unsaid. If I was given a room to sit and talk with a stranger…we’re going to have some deep conversations. I prefer understanding and connectingย about people’s experiences and opinions, and that’s why I’m blogging about my experience and the experiences I share with other people. So this is my plan, I hope toย publish one full post each week, maybe two! I want to be more dedicated to blogging, become better at content writing, and learn more about blogging. If there are things I should know or who I should follow, please let me know!

—In the next post, I’ll explain the title of this blog and what I have been up to since leaving my job.


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