I Got A New Job?!

Snapchat-8552942285588608949At my first job after graduating from college, a lot of people advised me to leave and even against my own intuition, I continued to work there for almost a year. There was a decisive moment when listening to Millennial by Megan Tan, my unhappiness, and seeing others move on and up that led to my decision to quit. Who stays at their first job? I put a year into my job that didn’t improve my skills (besides testing my patience) or my own personal development. My boyfriend reminds me of the opportunities I missed out on and he’s right, and it’s entirely my fault. I’m the type of person who fully commits what I sign up for, and stay until I meet my personal goal. My boyfriend doesn’t understand it, and sometimes I don’t either, but I continue to commit to jobs or projects even if it makes me unhappy and where I become stagnant. Patience is my virtue, and sometime it pays off, but other times, no. I always commit to things thinking it’ll get better, but like he says, “why stay when you know it’s not going to be better?” Sometimes I hate to admit he’s right, but he’s always been a great voice of reason. I guess with jobs, I’m afraid to look confused, uncommitted, and jumpy. At my previous job, the IT guy, told me along the lines of- “You’re young,  and this is the time to experiment. Don’t hole yourself up. It’s okay not to stay at jobs for a long time, if you have a valid reason and can explain. People are more understanding than you think.”So yes, I quit my job without an inkling of what I was going to do next. I was already burnt out, and I didn’t even want to go back into the job market. Since school is right around the corner, I thought that I could give myself a break from work. I was wrong, and in the following week after quitting my job, I received another job. Currently, I’m guest relations for a vacation property management office. I have been working roughly for 3 weeks so far.

I accepted this job because I wanted to :

  • Save money (+higher pay)
  • Work part time
  • Work closer to home
  • Explore and learn different types of jobs
  • Diversify my work experience

I’m happy to report that I feel useful at this job and my opinions matter. This job is not related to public health, but if I learn something new everyday then it’s an achievement in my books! The people are nice and the location is lovely (I work at the beach). I also have time to make breakfast!

But why do I feel uneasy about this job?

It’s a little unorganized, but that’s to be expected everywhere. This job is not as flexible and not catered to students like my last job. Soon I’ll have to make it clear that I am only part time position, and school is my priority and that I will be a full time student. I told myself that I will walk away from this job if it interferes with school. What worries me most is that this job is outside my academic and career goals. Essentially this job is hospitality/management. Sometimes I feel like I’m going further away from the area I want to be in. I see my friends and peers off at school doing cool things, and I want to be the one participating in research, organizations, giving presentations, and traveling. Again, these are my opportunity costs. It’s at these moments, that I wonder what am I doing with my life? What’s after I finish my Master’s? Will I ever get to where I want to be and will I be happy and satisfied?

But I’m highly optimistic, and I won’t be giving up on what I want to do. I have been going through emails from school, and I’m REALLY EXCITED for some adventure! I’m glad to have a job that will support me, and I’m also happy that there has been a ton of opportunities pouring in because of school.

–Next post: Why am I going back to school? What am I studying? How am I paying for school? The promise I made myself for my Master’s degree, and the opportunities that I’m weighing heavily on.


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