Take a Walk

This hangs behind me on the wall at work. Ironic.

I fell behind on my blogging, but I’m so tired all the time. I start my days either going to work or doing homework, and I end my days doing more homework. I’m only taking 2 classes, and it’s tough. I thought my undergraduate courses were easy, but graduate courses are on another level of stress and anxiety. My advisor and I were discussing for classes for my next semester, and she asked me, “are you sure about taking 4 classes and still work 32 hours?” College undergraduate considers 12 credits as a full-time student, but college graduate considers 9 credits as a full time student, and now I know why.

There are not enough hours in the day, and sometimes I put off eating and sleeping because I have other things I need to do. I’m trying to balance my time, plan my days, and work ahead. If only I had maybe 3-4 additional hours to the normal 24 hours. There is not enough time to work, drive to school, go to class, eat, volunteer, do homework, and sleep. I have either poor time management, or I’m over thinking.Β My under eye bags are more pronounced, there are times where I’m not thinking logically, I forget details, and I’m more moody. I had never paid attention to mental health until the end of college, and I’m always buzzing around to the next thing on my to-do list that I forget to decompress and relax a little. I’m always thinking about what do I need to do next? How do I do that? How can I get from here to there? I’m always searching for something.

I guess it’s stress and anxiety that affects me these days. Being a young adult is hard, and I’m trying to do my best, but sometimes I feel like I stil fall short of my expectations. However, this is a reminder to myself to stop being critical of myself and take some breaks throughout the day and do something like blogging, running, or biking. I forget that I have hobbies, and that I was once a crafty and artsy person, and I need to make time for the things I do enjoy the miss doing. Nap time is always okay too! In the end, everything will be okay!

Next post: Why do I sell food on some weekends?


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