La La Land

rs-248320-emma-stone-ryan-goseling-la-la-land-sing-dance-trailer1I finally saw La La Land last night. I’ve been waiting for months because it was a limited release. I limited my search about this movie so that I didn’t spoil myself, and I only listened to 1-2 songs from the album so that I can enjoy the movie seeing and hearing everything for the first time. I have never been so in love with a movie, and I don’t normally go to movies, but this movie warranted my box office support with a big screen for my eyes to imbibe. It was visually appealing, and my heart pounded at every fanciful turn, tap, and spin. I love the music in this movie because it was so pleasing and romantic. Although the story line is simple, but the execution was beautiful and creative.Β I like how it was an original movie, the color palette was soft and bright, and the costumes especially for Mia. I’m not too much of a fan for musicals, but this movie didn’t have the flashiness of a typical musical (when I say typical I mean Hairspray and Grease), but it didn’t feel like a musical when I was watching it which I liked. Continue reading “La La Land”

First Semester of Grad School

Sometimes I don’t match

I just finished my first semester of grad school, and it was little hectic because I was working during the first half of the semester. I struggled to keep up with the assignments, readings, projects, working every other day in between classes, and volunteering as well. I wasn’t enjoying grad school Β because I felt buried, and I was constantly thinking about the reading I was not doing and the homework that I didn’t start yet while at work. For my undergrad classes it was easy because I was always on campus and I didn’t work. After a year of not being in school, and where I’m only on campus for classes, I got a little lazy about studying.Β  Continue reading “First Semester of Grad School”