La La Land

rs-248320-emma-stone-ryan-goseling-la-la-land-sing-dance-trailer1I finally saw La La Land last night. I’ve been waiting for months because it was a limited release. I limited my search about this movie so that I didn’t spoil myself, and I only listened to 1-2 songs from the album so that I can enjoy the movie seeing and hearing everything for the first time. I have never been so in love with a movie, and I don’t normally go to movies, but this movie warranted my box office support with a big screen for my eyes to imbibe. It was visually appealing, and my heart pounded at every fanciful turn, tap, and spin. I love the music in this movie because it was so pleasing and romantic. Although the story line is simple, but the execution was beautiful and creative.Β I like how it was an original movie, the color palette was soft and bright, and the costumes especially for Mia. I’m not too much of a fan for musicals, but this movie didn’t have the flashiness of a typical musical (when I say typical I mean Hairspray and Grease), but it didn’t feel like a musical when I was watching it which I liked.

There were aΒ few favorite scenes:

  • The Opening because I love the song and the dance
  • The Planetarium because it was beautiful
  • Mia’s Epic Audition Scene because the song and emotion felt raw and vulnerable
  • Mia and Sebastian at the Planetarium after her Audition because of their poignant conversation
  • The Epilogue because of the two views and especially when Mia and Sebastian looked at each other and smiled

The ending was interesting and bittersweet, and I have never felt so much emotion for a movie ending because there’s realism and idealism that plays out. Some things are perfect and some things won’t be perfect. I don’t want to say too much about it, so just watch the movie. Ryan and Emma made the perfect leads for this movie, and I wished I had that much talent. I think they were originally going to cast Miles Teller and Emma Watson, but I think the movie might have a different feel if they were the cast instead. I love Emma Watson, but I’m not sure about her range of acting abilities yet.

The relationship of Mia and Sebastian and their views are romanticized and very dreamy. But that’s why I like them so much. I might be praising this movie too much, but I truly enjoyed it. After seeing the movie I can feel my emotion as I listen to the album. I’m being a die-hard fan at the moment, but it’s really good, and I just had to share it! For the next few days I’ll probably be listening to the album, and talking about it to anyone who will listen.

Hope everyone had a merry holiday!


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