Stuck In A Cycle

Running Around on Campus. Red for Luck.

In my previous post, I talked about trying to maintain communications with friends. I want to have the door open for friends to reach outΒ to, even if haven’t talked or seen each other in awhile. I’m not good at reaching out to my friends, but I try. There are times whenΒ I feel disconnected, and we have nothing in common anymore with my friend(s). We don’t need to have common interests to be friends, but the follow up questions becomes small talk. I still have fun, and it’s great catching up, but who knows when we’ll meet up again. My boyfriend think it’s because I’m maturing, care less about trivial things, focused on other matters, and because we’re at all different points in our lives. Where is my best friend? Like Blair and Serena’s friendship without the cattiness and competition. Continue reading “Stuck In A Cycle”

ISO: Kindred Spirits

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Starting the semester off right! Written notes over typed notes

I saw La La Land twice, and the emotional impact was still the same. My boyfriend enjoyed it too like I knew he would. I’m constantly humming the songs. I had a nice and long winter break, and I’m ready to start the New Year! Last Christmas in 2015, I wasn’t in my typical spirited mood, and I attribute it to my antipathy for my first job. It is really a difference to my happiness after leaving that job. So whenever I give advice, I always note the importance of enjoying your job and the people, take the chance to constantly be looking for opportunities, and leave a job if it truly makes you unhappy. Now I create my own hours, I’m part of a team, and get to work on my own goals too! Continue reading “ISO: Kindred Spirits”