Stuck In A Cycle

Running Around on Campus. Red for Luck.

In my previous post, I talked about trying to maintain communications with friends. I want to have the door open for friends to reach outย to, even if haven’t talked or seen each other in awhile. I’m not good at reaching out to my friends, but I try. There are times whenย I feel disconnected, and we have nothing in common anymore with my friend(s). We don’t need to have common interests to be friends, but the follow up questions becomes small talk. I still have fun, and it’s great catching up, but who knows when we’ll meet up again. My boyfriend think it’s because I’m maturing, care less about trivial things, focused on other matters, and because we’re at all different points in our lives. Where is my best friend? Like Blair and Serena’s friendship without the cattiness and competition.

Lately, I make up for my lack of social interaction by being busy in school and work. This past week has been a slew of meetings. The professors are submitting 3 grants this month, and already have future projects lined up. I’ve been busy editing and updating different documents and projects, going to various meetings, and I somehow became involved in another project that I didn’t really anticipate doing. But every experience is a good experience! If I’m not working on my laptop, then I’m answering emails on my phone. This past week was nonstop, and everyday I crashed into bed.

With me busy on campus, I forgot that it’s the Lunar New Year, and I barely speak to my family because as we get older we’re not in one place together because of commitments to work and school, and different schedule despite living together. My parents work all the time, I’m in my Master’s program, my brother works and has been accepted to both USF and UF College of Pharmacy, my sister (does not live at home) is finishing her bachelor’s degree at UF, and the youngest one is in high school.ย It’s strange that we’re getting older, and I rarely think about how old my parents are.ย Time really does fly, but one thing that has remain constant in our lives are my parents.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and a little ambivalent. I’m in this odd mood and feel that I’m being pulled in different directions trying to figure out my own life, but not 100% sure how to cater to my needs and everyone’s needs. I think of how I planned my future, and realizing how different it has been.

Also doing what I do best- procrastinating. I took a random quiz on Buzzfeed, and this was a nice to read (and kind of true) but, let’s not put too much faith on Buzzfeed quizzes!buzzfeed, buzzfeed quiz

Next post: Back to the books and what is public health?


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