Put A Bird On It

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The title is extremely cliche, and I watched Portlandia to prepare for my trip to Portland, OR. Portlandia does not truly represent Portland, but I now understand some of the social context that Portlandia showcases.

In May 2016, my BF and I decided to take a trip to Portland to visit his old college roommate. His name is Chris. Chris is a marketing/business entrepreneur, and looks for opportunities to make a living while being completely independent and being his own boss. He takes short cuts, sometimes lazy, sometimes a little obnoxious, but I admire his competitiveness, initiative, risk-taking, and commitment to relocating. He has two sides: the jokster and the professional. I remember days when he opened a minor short-lived threading business, when he created perfumes, and how he tried to refurbish phones and sell them. Few will ever get to know the real Chris, and I got to see both sides. Continue reading “Put A Bird On It”

What is Public Health?

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A little background: 14, 18, 22

In high school I was the studious and well-rounded girl, and graduated at the top 10% of my class. High school is one of the most lame rite of passage any person has to take, and therefore, I hated high school. I hated missing class, I didn’t party, I didn’t like the kids too much, and I wasn’t interested in any of the guys. I wished I spent more time in high school developing skills and taking college courses.

In college I learned a lot, became more open minded, tried new things, and embraced new ideas. I became smarter, took chances, was more resourceful, and learned to be more efficient. I’m fortunate that my parents didn’t have to pay a dime towards college tuition, nor did I take out any loans. Scholarship and financial aid funded my college expenses, and left over money was used for personal expenses, my study abroad, and savings toward grad school. I also graduated in the top 10% as well. I know, bragging rights.

At 18, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and put down nursing as my major. I decided not to apply to the nursing program, and switched to public health and minor in business administration. After my bachelor’s degree, I was in full panic mode because I had no idea what was next. Luckily, I got a job and worked for about a year and I happily left that job. I knew I wanted to go back to school, and a Master’s degree was in my line of sight.

So what is public health? Continue reading “What is Public Health?”