Put A Bird On It

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The title is extremely cliche, and I watched Portlandia to prepare for my trip to Portland, OR. Portlandia does not truly represent Portland, but I now understand some of the social context that Portlandia showcases.

In May 2016, my BF and I decided to take a trip to Portland to visit his old college roommate. His name is Chris. Chris is a marketing/business entrepreneur, and looks for opportunities to make a living while being completely independent and being his own boss. He takes short cuts, sometimes lazy, sometimes a little obnoxious, but I admire his competitiveness, initiative, risk-taking, and commitment to relocating. He has two sides: the jokster and the professional. I remember days when he opened a minor short-lived threading business, when he created perfumes, and how he tried to refurbish phones and sell them. Few will ever get to know the real Chris, and I got to see both sides.

My BF and Chris were roommates for all 4 years of college, and were really close. I saw Chris almost everyday, and it was bittersweet to see him again. Thanks to Chris,  I fell in love with Portland. My BF and I toyed with the idea of moving there, and Chris was trying to convince us. Portland was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even on the days where my legs and calves were extremely sore.

Reasons why I fell in love with Portland:

  • Easy access to public transportation and people actually use them
  • There were mountains, forests, and hills
  • Lots of independent boutiques, coffee shops, specialty stores, and restaurants
  • Everyone seemed very mindful, passionate, and progressive
  • The flowers are beautiful
  • Brunch, bikes, and parks
  • I love the downtown area where Portland State University is located

What I didn’t like about Portland:

  • The weather was between sunny, warm, cold, cloudy, and rainy

This was also the first time my BF and I was on the plane together and went somewhere ourselves. He does a lot of traveling and I would do my own traveling, but we never went someplace new together until Portland. It felt like such an adult thing to do as a couple.

My trip to Portland was much needed because I was burning out so quickly at my first job. I wanted to quit, and I planned on quitting after my trip, but I didn’t know when. Portland kind of was a catalyst of me quitting because life is too short to stay at a place where I’m not happy. New experience and new places always makes me wonder if I could be happier doing something else or somewhere else. Chris took risks and made sacrifices when moving to Portland, and I always took the safe-calculated route and stay where I’m comfortable. I remember the monumental snapchat I made when I threw away my work badge. Best decision ever.

Anyway, I never got to blog about our trip to Portland, and it seems fitting since I’ll be heading to Panama in a two weeks. I’m so excited!

I loved all the plant stores we visited.


Canon Beach Rock
This was quite a challenge to hike up to. I thought I was going to die.
There was a beautiful park full of roses. It was so vibrant.
This day was a gorgeous day to be outside.

–Next post: Preparing and packing for Panama!


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