Part 2: Panama In A Week – Singing and Exploring

Packing for Panama, Part 1: Panama In A Week – Medical Mission

This mission trip combined my education, love of traveling, and volunteering. I loved every moment of it from meeting new people, trying to improve my Spanish, and exploring with the group! One thing that I don’t love is that I’m currently sick since leaving Panama, and I have a cough that won’t go away!

I got lots of compliments on my ombre dress.

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Part 1: Panama In A Week – Medical Mission


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This was the longest week I have ever experienced. It took us a day to get to Panama despite living in Florida. Group traveling and saving money meant taking the road that was less traveled by. I have spent a few nights and long hours in airports before, but this was by far the most uncomfortable 10 hour layover in Colombia. However, we did finally make it to Chitre, Panama. Continue reading “Part 1: Panama In A Week – Medical Mission”

Packing for Panama

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What I’ll be doing…

This is my second time out of the U.S., and my first time in Central America! I’m going to Panama in a few days with the University of South Florida (USF), the organization I’m going with is International Health Student Collaborative (IHSC) that are made up of medical, pharmacy, public health, and physical therapy students. USF has many organizations that visits Panama throughout the year, and they set up volunteer clinics at rural communities that do not have access to health care. The residents can come for free, and we provide screenings, wellness care, education, and donations. I’ll be volunteering for 4 days, and will have 2 days for sightseeing. I’m excited! Continue reading “Packing for Panama”