Packing for Panama

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What I’ll be doing…

This is my second time out of the U.S., and my first time in Central America! I’m going to Panama in a few days with the University of South Florida (USF), the organization I’m going with is International Health Student Collaborative (IHSC) that are made up of medical, pharmacy, public health, and physical therapy students. USF has many organizations that visits Panama throughout the year, and they set up volunteer clinics at rural communities that do not have access to health care. The residents can come for free, and we provide screenings, wellness care, education, and donations. I’ll be volunteering for 4 days, and will have 2 days for sightseeing. I’m excited!

  • Cost?
    • The flight/room/board/some meals= $0 (the program paid for this)
    • Personal budget per day= $40-50
  • Housing?
    • Volunteer days: local, community area hostel
    • Panama City: Luna’s Castle Hostel
      • I personally like hostels, I don’t know people are scared of them. They’re cheap, interesting, and full of unique people.


All of my travels whether it’s 5 days in Portland, a week in Wisconsin, or 1.5 months in Malaysia and Thailand all consists of 1 backpack and 1 carry-on luggage. It’s easier to pack lightly especially when moving around from place to place, and less stuff gets lost. I try to pack minimally, bring things I only need, and mix and match outfits. I always put an extra carry-on bag that I fold up in my carry-on luggage just in case I buy things, or need to check-in a bag. I’ve been kind of obsessed with watching a lot of minimalism/packing videos lately to be a better organized traveler and packer.

  • So here’s a little snippet of my carry-on items, and essentials.
    • Light and casual dresses are the easiest to throw on wear
    • I hate wearing pants, one pair of nice jeggings and lots of shorts
    • Active wear for volunteer days
    • Compartmentalized packing cubesΒ are my latest discoveries because of this YouTube video

Peace out U.S., see you in a week!

–Next Post: How was Panama?


2 thoughts on “Packing for Panama

  1. Have fun in Panama! I was there a few years ago and like it. I predict tourism will pick up over the next few years. I am curious how you will like it.


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