Happy Earth Day!

Nowadays I’m trying to be more socially-aware, and I’m taking little steps to minimize my impact on this beautiful planet! I also like to attend the Plant and Green Thumb Festival every year too! I ran into some friends, and bought some plants for my air terrarium.

Ya know, ever since I graduated, and even more so now that I’m in grad school and a bit older. I’ve been more aware and conscious about my impact in society, on this planet, and my health and well being. There are small things that I try to do:

  • Eat less meat, and be more mindful of where my food is from
  • Shop less, and I’m trying to find more ethical clothing brands
    • Go watch “The True Cost” documentary
  • Buy intoย brands and companies that do not have a commitment to social responsibility
    • I understand a business won’t completely be green, socially responsible, or ethical; but I would like to see if they are legitimately giving back in some way

It’s the little things, and the choices that I make. It’s a work in progress, and research is important!

To help me with more of minimal and socially-aware approach to living, I’ve subscribed and have been watching a lot of videos on how other people live a minimal life. I think everyone has the idea that if a person is living minimally they get scrutinized for every object or item they own. I don’t call myself a minimalist at all, more like a wannabe. However,ย minimalism is different for everybody!

I’ve been watching: Kitty Cotten, Kristen Leo, Lavendaire, and Muchelleb

For me, it’s about living a cleaner and meaningful life by owning and needing less, especially if it doesn’t mean anything to me, bring me happiness, or be of use.

We have only one inhabitable planet (so far), and we need to give back and preserve as much as we use and take.

I need suggestions for ethical and affordable clothing brands!


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