Little Life Updates #2: Busy Bee

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, especially seeing all these graduation pics. It’s been 2 years since my bachelor’s degree, and what a whirlwind of changes since then. ย 

Despite the changes, some things remain the same.

I just finished a three-part exam a few days ago, and I am so glad it’s over. Now I have to teach myself an introductory course on GIS in a week. I want to get into the advanced class for the summer.

That’s right! Anotherย productive summer at school, work, home, and in the lab.

I like being busy.

However, I’m just realizing how much I might have taken on in my schedule, and now I can’t really scale back because I’ve already committed to meetings and trainings.

I thought I would never say this, butย I’m not taking on anymore responsibilities.

Grad school is basically me being lazy, walking around with bags under my eyes, but also me trying to do the most.

Senior year in college. I’m not actually sleeping, I needed a picture of me for a project. I think I was studying for a Finance exam. (2015)

Next post: Shout out to all the moms (and non-moms)!


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