Little Life Updates #3: Grad Student Woes

I have been a little busy. Summers are usually the worst for me because I somehow think I can do a whole bunch of things in a short amount of time.

Since I’m a commuter student, there is a love and hate relationship with driving, and I try to schedule everything on the same day so that I don’t make multiple trips.

At school you can find me:

  • In the computer lab or in class – working on geographic information system
  • In research lab – making sure my culture/parasite don’t die
  • In meetings
    • Helping the restructuring of the PhD/DrPh programs
    • Planning for next year’s Panama trip (this is a highly disorganized group with many moving parts)

At home:

  • In my room napping
  • In my room working on school or work related assignments
  • In my room grading assignments (I’m a teaching assistant to undergraduate courses)

At the moment I do not live the most exciting life, but it keeps me on my toes. It also keeps my mind off other things that I worry about. I always use school as a distraction when my personal life and the people in it starts to overwhelm me.

My academic life is going well, but I wish the other parts of my life provided me more satisfaction and achievements.


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