A Beach Vacation- Miami and Key West

It’s August, cue all the back to school commercials and the inevitable end of another summer gone.

This summer has been less than ideal. The constant driving back and forth from home to school, lab, and work, and the never ending work that comes with it. However, I can’t complain, I’m not in a 9 to 5, and I get paid as well as my tuition is covered.

What I needed was to get away for a moment. My high school friend, Joy, invited me to last minute trip to Miami and Key West. I had huge expectations! I was imagining crystal clear waters, white soft sand, palm trees that had swings, and lightly colored canopy tents that lined pools that had fancy people sipping fruity drinks. Ya know, the stuff you see on cliche Instagram travel pages.

In fact, Miami was bit crowded for my taste, and underwhelming. Granted, I only stayed there for one night. The hotel was nice, the beach was okay, but the projectile vomit at a 7/11 bathroom was not – I only had half a fruity mixed drink. Now you can tell I don’t go out much at night.img_20170731_090452_465.jpgThe highlight of my time in Miami was the Havana 1975 restaurant, listening to Spanish music, and swimming in the pool. My favorite type of food is breakfast food, and this was the best breakfast dish I had ever had. The serving and wait time took a very long time. It took an hour for our order to be taken and for water to be served.

The Traditional Breakfast for $7.95

Next was on the road to Key West. It’s a tiny island, but they also have other surrounding islands. The island is so small that we drove around it in an hour. To my disappointment, Key West does not have natural beaches, and sand must be brought in from the panhandle of Florida.

I paid for a tour, and saw Earnest Hemmingway’s house, went to the southernmost point of the United States, and saw a huge iconic kissing statue. I don’t really like tours because I like interactive and thrilling activities. So the highlight of Key West was snorkeling. Key West boasts having the 3rd largest coral reefs. To my dismay, I saw only a tiny part it. I’ve snorkel before, and I enjoy being in the water. My friend struggled, and left me to discover the ocean floor by myself.IMG_20170801_121541Key West has chickens and roosters roaming the streets, and some iguanas. Major cruise ships make pit stops to Key West, and there were thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip. This was my first time heading to the Southern parts of Florida. However, I do recommend the beaches in St. Petersburg over Miami and Key West beaches because there is a lot of space and nice soft white sands, and less traffic.

Thanks for reading!

Hotel in Miami and Hotel in Key West

Next post– A book review on The Glass Castle.


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