The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

This book was so good! I highly recommend.

I liked this book because the family dynamic is so interesting, very peculiar, and so different from my family.

In The Glass Castle, the parents struggle to play the mother and father roles, and the children balances their childish ways and imagination with maturity and responsibilities.

0000002532074_p0_v1_s250x185It’s easy to dislike the parents because they avoided responsibilities and lacked common sense. I foundΒ the mother to be annoying, she lacked stability and emotional awareness. She was childish and selfish. It was rare to see the maternal and nurturing side from her towards her children. The only time where I felt she acted like a mother was after her children grewΒ up. The father was reckless, drunk, and incapable at times, but there were many tender moments between him and his daughter, Jeannette.

I think it’s fascinating how the Walls lived. The Walls traveled from place to place in a car, and each day was unpredictable, and brought on different obstacles and learning opportunities.

Jeannette’s voice and tone throughout the book was interesting. She wasn’t filled with hate and didn’t harbor anguish at her parents, nor did her tone felt negative when she reaccounts the times they had no food, money, warm clothes, or beds. This was the life she knew, and she accepted it, but she also knew that she had the ability to change her life.

Jeannette doesn’t sugar coat the events of her life and her family’s life, but she doesn’t complain about it either. I my opinion, I felt that she has been grateful for her childhood, and the way she was raised.

One of my favorite parts of The Glass Castle was discovering how and when the children decided to leave their unstable childhood, and if they ended up okay. It is unsettling how the parents lived after their children grew up. Who chooses to be homeless? As a daughter, I would not want to see my parents roaming the streets. I actually know a person who has said they would be okay if they ended up homeless.

I appreciate her parents for being honest with their lives to their children, and not being shy about how they lived.

The Glass Castle had a loving theme despite the contents and events of the book. I would expect an upbringing like this to be a cycle where the children grow up like their parents. Although I would like to know more about Maureen and her side of the story.

Typically I am a slow reader for nonfiction books, but The Glass Castle was well written and it made me want to know what other trouble was next.

I also saw the trailer for the movie, and I have mixed feelings on it. From the trailer, it doesn’t look at gritty as the book. The trailer looks like it romanticized Jeannette’s childhood. I saw more of adult Jeannette than her childhood which made me a little worried on how true to the book the movie is. But I’ll give the movie a chance.

Check back for the movie comparison!

Image: Lily Ann Fouts

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